Edo's Futuristic Collection

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"Some days, I just want to feel like I've been teleported into the wild and futuristic world of Tomorrow." - Lorene A. Holderfield
Today, I wish to write a post sharing my YouTube playlist titled "Futuristic Collection". It contains instrumental favorites that give a utopian or futuristic vibe. I hope you enjoy it!

Listen to my personal picks here: "Futuristic Collection"

Edorenel's Elven Playlist

🍃 Lo, weary traveler! Hear the soothing whispers of the woodland realm & its eternal guardians: the wise and fair elves. I share with thee a collection of my favorite songs & instrumental pieces that invoke a sense or feeling of elves and the woodland realm. Reconnect your wearied soul to the absolute origin and essence of the world: Nature.

Listen to my personal elven picks here: Edo's Elven Playlist

Edo Reviews: Pharaoh & Cleopatra (PC)

Pharaoh (and its expansion pack Cleopatra: Queen of the Nile) is a city-building game, and one of my top favorites, that was released on October 31, 1999, by Impressions Games and published by Sierra Studios for PC. It is an old school game that I grew up playing and still enjoy it as an adult today.

I'm always thrilled whenever the game starts up and the stirring Egyptian music instantly plays. The cinematic that precedes it shows aging signs of the technology of the '90s (I remember it being horribly blurry back then), but it is nostalgic and brings back good memories of me being a nerd over video games. If there's one thing I love most about this game aside from the city-building, it's the game's music. The immersive music sets the mood of Ancient Egypt, and I just absolutely enjoy it regardless of how many times I listen to it. Especially the piece that always makes me feel as if I'm in the midst of a festival of ancient times. I love it! Then there's the fascinating Egyptian buildings, the hilarious citizens you can interact with if you right-click on them, observing your city grow and function, and then the challenges that each level you enter presents as you keep your citizens fed, employed, healthy, and protected from diseases, disasters, and wars. All this keeps me coming back for more.